Saturday, October 8, 2011

1.6 Pegasus Preview

These guys actually turned out pretty sweet. I am really happy with how they came out.
Don't worry, the unicorns will be drawn to equal quality.

Also, Im looking for something I can use as a scrolling backdrop for the equestria level. Some kind of overhead map style image that I hope I can mess with to create 10 screenlengths of scrolling background (I dont want landmarks to repeat too often). Please let me know if you guys are aware of such images.


  1. These look great! I can't wait for the new version!

  2. Kinda curious how much HP these guys have... after all, if Twilight kills them in even something like 5 shots then most of them will never actually get to affect any important area of the screen, but too much HP means they're hard to clear for spread characters. Maybe make the bullets accelerate in the direction the pegasus was moving after a pause instead of clearing instantly if that turns out to be an issue.

    Definitely fits them to attack by moving in some way, though.

  3. Easy answer:
    Twilight is getting nerfed :)

  4. Just popping in for a kind of unrelated topic, since there's no discussion open for this yet.

    And that topic is music, specifically the boss theme, where you still have Guile's theme as of the last released build. Do you have anything set up for the boss themes yet in 1.6?

    There are lots of pony-related musical works out there that fit as a boss theme--my personal favorite is Chain Algorithm's Elements of Harmonics, which also happens to pick up quickly enough for a bullet hell's shorter fights and has an electric vibe. But I dunno if I can come up with a recommendation that also fits Starcraft's theme... the above would be better for a magical/fantasy enemy than any of the bosses in the game so far.

  5. @Lupus Albus
    Right now, the boss music is placeholder. Music is one of the hardest things to deal with because I want everything to be consistent and flow together. I don't think I'll be using starcraft music unless there is some kind of mindblowing music out there.

    The MOST important thing to me is consistency. I don't want you to get to a boss or to the next level and feel very out of place since the music is so different.
    like if the first level was classical and then suddenly its dubstep or something. Id prefer to keep the entire playlist to a single Artist or one artist for levels and one for bosses as long as they fit well together. I may consider going back to 8bit, but I'm still thinking..

  6. I'd actually love to find boss music that actually takes from music from the series. I'm actually looking for something that uses nightmare moon's battle theme from the first episode or her theme that is played in the Luna Eclipsed episode when she rides in from the clouds
    haha but you cant be picky when you want free music