Wednesday, October 26, 2011

1.6 All Pony Preview

Ponies! much prettier now!

Yeah... so sorry I haven't had much time to work on ponies lately.I have a lot of crap I'm dealing with at work and Ive been really busy/tired. I think I want to pop out a couple more enemies before I start constructing spawn orders and level stuff. One of my biggest concerns is art. I have no scrolling background for Equestria. I plan to do a "Ponyville" area and then an "Everfree Forest" area and have enemies according to area. My main concern is enemy variety in this case. I don't know if just the 3 pony enemies can sustain enough variety in the level. I also need more Everfree Forest enemies. I'll also not be working on this during Christmas break unfortunately, which is a shame.

I'll be continuing my slow and steady progress. I just hope that people don't get bored and impatient. I know I would. :/

I would definitely like to thank all of you for your support and interest. Especially those of you who I see so much giving me all this amazing feedback. I definitely could not have been able to do all of this without you.

Thank You


  1. Derpy as a miniboss? Now that's awesome!

  2. Don't worry about time constraints. Obviously, we want it NAO but I'd rather have high quality than a fast release. There are many other projects out there that promise to take MUCH longer than yours. I know I can wait as long as it takes.

    As for this video, lookin' good! For the vanquish sound, I think the show's Squee sound would sound pretty good, considering the ponies aren't dying... right? Better than the current fiery explosion IMO. xD

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  4. Very nice. Going to be different, fighting possessed ponies rather than an alien menace. Can't wait until this comes out.
    Also, I may have a better placeholder for the boss music. You might have to work with it a bit, but you should be able to loop this =
    It's a bit more exciting, and it's intended to be pony-based music.

    Deleted the last comment because it wasn't letting me post in HTML.

  5. Just chiming in to say that not all your enemies need to have some sort fancy bullet pattern to make a good game.

    Often the case of having lots of enemies that shoot simple aimed or aimed-in-your-general-direction bullets are actually better for gameplay as it keeps the player moving all over the screen at all times and that is very fun. Just make sure you mix it up a lot with other patterns going on in order to stop the player from just simply pixel streaming everything. Pixel streaming is boring and terrible. Mix up different patterns going on at the same time a lot in general.
    Also, don't be afraid to spam lots of enemies. Keep up the fast paced action!

    Figuring out a fun and intuitive scoring system is also a must for fun and replayability. Most of the Touhou games have some of the worst scoring systems in shmups.

    I'm not sure what is going on with that first enemy type but you should probably make it stop firing after crossing a certain point as it looks really cheap right now.

    I recently came across a very good example of good design that should be easy for you to study:

    As for deathsound suggestion:

  6. -poke-

    You still alive? I can understand if you're swamped with work other than this, but you could at least let us know.