Friday, October 7, 2011

1.6: Of Unicorns and Cutie Marks

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Unicorn texture is placeholder. and Cutie marks still move. I just wanted it still so you can see it clearly amidst youtube framerate.

You really need to see it in HD to notice the timer ring around the cutie mark. there is a black border that fades to white and then flashes during the last second before change.


  1. Like the new Cutie Mark timer. Gonna help a lot when going for those.

    Also, the best kind of attacks are the ones you don't try to avoid. XD
    Did you program that intentionally, or just sheer luck?

  2. Dazkid33
    That was actually sheer luck that the spawn point was exactly in the middle of the wave. if you move while they are shooting, they aim accordingly so its impossible to do this if you moved at all since they started shooting.

    I'll most likely mix unicorns with other ponies so you are forced to move