Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Update 1.1

Latest Build: Download here

 IMPORTANT: I forgot to put the required redistributables in the readme. make sure to download and install these:

Microsoft .NET 4.0

Microsoft XNA

This update is a small one, mainly balancing and some sound. Here is the full list of changes:

-NERFED Rarity (Z is now 25% less cooler)
-NERFED Fluttershy (X costs twice as much magic)
-BUFFED Twilight (Z riccochet actually targets other enemies)
-Twilight spread shot reworked
-Twilight damage reworked
-added voices on pony change and death (from kyrospawn's soundboard)
-game is now fullscreen
-graze radius increased
-added readme with better documentation

Coming soon:
-fix those typos
-Derpy mode
-Filly mode
-Pony mode
-Trollestia mode


  1. My monitor is not big enough to handle the default resolution, is there some way I can change it? The computer just says that the video mode is not supported and won't let me quit the game, forcing me to hard restart my computer.

  2. hmmm.. thats strange. What is your resolution?

  3. Awesome to see you're working on updates already ^^

  4. Interesting... The native resolution of the game is 1280x800. I'll take a closer look into this tomorrow or this weekend. Ive been having long days at work lately and have had no spare time.

  5. I don't know if you're looking for feedback here, but I just wanted to mention a couple things:
    1) The game appears to crash upon death for me. It does the game over text and music, and then it brings up the opening screen with missing elements and freezes.
    2) The enemy bullet patterns are not very well done. Normal enemies should have a mix of aimed and random shots to make for a balanced challenge. Some of the boss attacks are impossible to dodge, so the game turns into just tanking through the damage.
    3) Lack of invulnerability when hit means that being hit by a barrage makes it nearly impossible to tell what's going on.

  6. I'm unable to run the game & not sure if anything can be done about it or not.
    When I launch the Element.exe it comesup saying
    "No suitable graphics card found
    Could not find a Direct3D device that supports the XNA Framework reach profile (ect, ect, ect)"
    I wonder what can be done if anything?

  7. @Lupus Albus

    1) I am getting numerous reports that this is happening. I dont know why, though (it works fine for me). Can you clarify what you mean by missing elements? I'm looking into this issue

    2) enemy bullet patterns are very different from touhou (there are less bullets but they move much faster) so there is a very different style of play. Tanking damage probably will probably make it very difficult to survive. I do agree that bullet patterns are not too diverse right now since I dont have that many enemy types. I might add more or just change some of the existing enemies. I'll also be adding 3 additional difficulty modes in the next release so there will be more interesting bullet patterns.

    3) I went a different approach from touhou on this area. I gave the player 100 health instead of 3 lives. most bullets do 2 damage so you can get hit about 50 times before you lose (if you never collect cutie marks). If I added invulnerability, it would probably be too easy.
    when I released this game, I also doubled the damage that all enemies do. I might go back to halving that number when I add difficulty modes. and compensate that with more difficult bullet patterns

  8. @KawaiiPikachu

    Did you install the two software packages linked on the original post? If so, what is your graphics card. I dont know the graphics requirements for 2D XNA games but I dont think it should be too brutal.

    It might not run on integrated graphics though.

  9. I did install the 2 packages.
    My graphics card is a Nvidia Geforce2 MX 200 as in its a fairly oldish graphics card.

  10. @Kawaiipikachu

    Yeah I just googled that card with regards to XNA and since that videocard doesnt support 1.1 pixel or vertex shaders, your graphics card cant play XNA games. There is apparently no workaround other than buying a new one. Sorry, wish there was something I could do about it.

  11. Great job with the update. Twilight Sparkle is actually quite enjoyable to play with now. I am curious, however, what OS you are developing and testing on? I am playing on a Win 7 Home x64-bit box, and I believe I *may* be experiencing the same error Lupus Albus mentioned. When you die and go back to the pony selection screen, only the pony and the text appear. When you try to move, it feels extremely sluggish and jumpy. The game cannot progress, even if you head to the top of the screen. In order to keep playing, you must exit the game and re-enter.

    I set the .exe to run in Win XP SP3 compatibility mode and that seems to have corrected it with no detectable issues. I was unsure if this was a compatibility issue with Win7 in general, or if my machine is just wonky.

  12. @Damon Anakaris

    Im running in Win7 Professional 64bit.

    It seems that everyone but me has that problem. This is one of my high priority items

  13. Oh well.
    Looks like I might have to save my pennies up & get an upgrade in the future.