Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big Update 1.2 (Difficulty Modes)

Download Link:

Big update here. Main thing here is the difficulty modes. At this point, for the most part, higher difficulty = more bullets. however, some enemies do have different shooting patterns. I'm definitely looking for feedback on the new shooting patterns. Here is a list of all changes in v1.2

Note: I test the game in windowed mode because its a hassle to debug in fullscreen and I forgot to set it back to fullscreen mode. I will fix this and make a new upload tomorrow

-BUFFED Rarity (range scales a bit higher to compensate for new difficulty levels)
-BUFFED Rainbow Dash (higher energy now shoots slightly faster)
-attempted to fix an issue that caused most users to freeze after death or victory
-Carrier and interceptor bullets move differently
-added difficulty levels
   -derpy mode
   -filly mode
   -pony mode
   -trollestia mode
-allocated more memory for more bullets due to the new difficulty modes
-fixed some typos
-lowered pony voice volume slightly
-added volume controls to pause menu

ALSO: For those of you who were experiencing freezes when you win or die, I moved some initialization code into a more stable location in hopes to fix this issue. Since it has always worked fine on all my computers, I am not quite sure whats causing this or what it looks like. So if this is still happening, please give me as much detail as you can about the situation and your computer so I can try to isolate the problem


  1. Are you ever planning on adding mouse control?

  2. @Mecharius:

    I probably wont do mouse control since ponies should not be moving faster than a certain speed. Mouse movement would provide nearly infinite speed, which would allow you to basically teleport through bullets if you move fast enough. On the other hand, if I capped the speed, then your mouse would move faster than the pony and I think it could cause some really cumbersome navigation, especially when the screen is full of bullets

  3. Even with a capped speed, I would prefer having mouse control for when I need really tiny precise movement. The arrow keys just don't deliver the same amount of control.