Sunday, September 25, 2011

1.6 Cockatrice Preview

Here is a preview of what the cockatrice is gonna look like. Lasers will turn you to stone. non-lunatic = less lasers.


  1. This actually looks quite fitting. I like it.

  2. (in Scootaloo's voice:) I'm liking this idea!

  3. The attack's good... dunno if I like the design of the enemy itself so much. It's hard to tell with the color distortion, but I'd think the tail should be far longer, and I don't recall the one in the show being anywhere near that round in the middle.

  4. I like this new enemy. I would have to assume that they will only fire a few times, then fly offscreen, allowing other enemies to attack. Otherwise, they'd most likely keep petrifying you repeatedly, making it impossible to get by if you're hit. I would also think this attack would do minor damage, since being petrified would be enough of an implication. Also, I think they should have a large amount of HP, so they become a real nuisance.

  5. @Lupus Albus
    I might change their look. I did not want to make them too long because I didnt want to make an abnormal hit box. I might just make them thinner and give them big wings.

    Im thinking of making them keep shooting until you kill them. that will give you incentive to dance around a bit or get overwhelmed. I will have to make each wave spawn simultaneously. during testing, I made the mistake of spawning them like the first enemy wave (one at a time with a bit of delay inbetween). 100% stunlock :(