Sunday, July 29, 2012

Version 1.6 Finally Released!

Finally v1.6 is out!! Sorry for the wait everyone! I have updated the links on the ribbon at the top of the page. I will also provide links at the bottom of this post. For some reason Camstudio is being a jerk and failing to encode my recordings right now so I will probably try to record another playthrough video tomorrow.

Here are the patch notes:

-Cutie Marks no longer look rediculous
-Added Corrupted Equestria Level
-New Music from Interrobang Pie
-health bar is now drawn under the dialogue protraits
-Twilight's Bullets no longer riccochet to enemies that are offscreen (Maybe?)
-fixed Pinkie's streamers not homing on enemies that spawn inside of the screen (Notably the Archon)
-BUFFED Fluttershy Rate of Fire
-BUFFED Pinkie Pie AOE radius

Download Links
Windowed Version
Fullscreen Version

(I'm also going to be releasing a version soon that uses a settings file that can be used to switch between windowed and fullscreen. I will probably release it in the next few days. I don't know why I haven't done so already).


  1. Damn, the new bosses are crazy. I barely beat Derpy and got killed by Zecora, and it was just Pony mode.

  2. Oh man, this was awesome! So worth the waiting! I'll make LP in a sec.


    Here's the link. If anyone's interested.

  4. I have a really old version of this game. I loved it, got a new comp and it wont work. Also, the new one doesn't work. Same OS and everything, any ideas? Already tried to run as administrator.

  5. @Tornadobolt: Please make sure you install .NET 4 and XNA.

  6. I just beat this on Pony mode...and on my first try. Man that Equestria level's intense! Got my adrenaline going and I end up having to switch to Fluttershy at one point (I usually play Twilight) but you did a great job mixing it up with the Equestria level. Can't wait to see what comes up next!
    Oh and: I'll do an LP of this later! It's late at night.

  7. Hey.
    I have got a problem with the fire button.
    Here in Germany the z button is to far away to enjoy the game.
    How can i change the button configuration?

    1. @Simopn Schwalm: currently, I have not implemented keybindings. There may be some third party software that does this (something similar to joy2key). I will try to figure out a way to do this in the next release.

  8. Holy guacamole... That was some intense stuff, I tell ya. First run complete on Trollestia. Nearly lost it after Zecora, expecting the level to be done. I don't think Trixie could have enough bullets, though... T'was epic, and nearly lost my shit after I beat Trixie, as I had only a sliver of health left and no power-ups floating around. The update was well worth more than the wait. I just can't wait to see how you'll top this. :3

    1. Nightmare Moon and Celestia. No no fodder level, just bosses with a level's worth of health bars.

  9. I'm not sure if this helps at all but whenever you switch characters too fast in the menu screen the Background Music(BGM) turns off & the only fix is to restart your computer. Also windowed version doesn't work on my computer (don't worry about it my computer "Dual Intel Atom with NVIDIA ION graphics isn't compatible with many games, as well as other intel chipsets). Also in Fullscreen mode the right screen cuts off slightly so that the Magic draining moves instructions are uncomplete (again don't worry about it; it's probably the Intel chipset). Everything else however Works perfectly. THANK YOU for making this game I don't want to add pressure towards your project effort but this is my first Touhou-like bullet hell game (I've played 1942 on PSN before) so this is my introduction title I would bet 10$ that I'm not the only one but a large number of people as well(you know the wide appeal of ponies & such), If possible as a final touch add a small tutorial explaining simple concepts (like saving up life for later if not needed, you get magic for bullet grazing, the larger your magic bar is the more powerful your shots are, focus actually allows you to carefully navigate around bullets slowly than if you don't hold focus,holding focus also gives you an alternate fire, if this is your first touhou game its not too hard for you; you simply have to work your way up from derpy mode & you'll be good as the pros eventually, & one concept I still don't get concerning taking damage & losing all your magic & a second dimmer health bar within the first health bar). I had to find out this stuff out myself by playing the game (still haven't beaten pony mode!!).
    TL;DR THANK YOU, here's some feedback if you want it. I hope you read this.

    1. Im glad to see your excitement on the new release! the screen cutoff is probably due to my noob programming when I started. I didnt really know what I was doing and it is possible that if your screen resolution is less than 1200x800, youll get some cutoff.

      Someone has also brought to my attention a bug where if you pause during windowed mode and go do stuff in another window, the game will not respond. I have no idea what is causing that.

      I had never expected this game to get so big and I never thought of adding a tutorial any more detailed than the title screen (which is horribly out of date).

      Also, there should be a readme file in there that should have game mechanics explaining the thing where you lose all your magic. Basically if you get hit a lot in a short amount of time, it fills the red meter on your health bar and when it maxes, you lose your magic. Red meter diminishes over time

    2. Thanks for the fast response, the attention you're getting is well deserved. I'll have a look at the readme file. SUGGESTION: Add a donation button, you'll be amazed how generous some of these people are. Good Luck!

  10. I have some ideas if you want to hear them. Or you could simply decline, either way Good Luck!

  11. I would welcome any and all feedback. I would like to hear everyone's ideas, no matter what they are, I'd rather hear an amazing suggestion and decline to implement it due to whatever issues that might prevent it than to never have thought about it at all.

  12. Been following this for a while. Thanks for all your hard work! It's already a very admirable accomplishment.

    If I may make a request, is there a possibility that a future release could include sound options to lower/mute the music and/or sound effects?

    Somebody else already mentioned keybindings and I'd just like to add that it'd be nice to be able to bind gamepad buttons as well (doesn't need to be full-out 360 controller support or anything, just basic joypad support should be fine).

    For what's already implemented, very nice work indeed!

    1. Press P to pause. The volume settings are in there. For gamepad options, Im gonna go the Binding of Isaac route and suggest to install joy2key for now. Since I am programming with XNA, I could probably add code so that you could plug in a wired 360 controller and it would work. Unfortunately, since I dont have a wired 360 controller, I wont be testing it. Next release will have 360 controller capabilites. They just may or may not work.

    2. Oops, I must have missed the Pause thing in the readme.

      360 controller support will be super. Thanks!

  13. Ok, cool. I would love to send you two notepad text files. Any particular method you prefer? (maybe you don't want to post your email so you want to use an alternative method.)

  14. Wow. I just now beat the game in Trollestia mode. I love this game. So this coming from a guy who's NEVER played bullet hell games, throw all the difficulty you can in your game as long as there's an easy difficulty setting new players can work their way up from. GREAT job sir.

  15. One last suggestion. Could you add commas to the "score" number? It's kind of hard to keep track of how big (as in number of digits) the score is. Changing the color of the score number every time you get a new digit would help too. Still not bored of your game believe it or not (play it once or twice every other day.) Patiently looking forward to your next update.

  16. Hey there. I absolutely love your game, but as a Touhou player, Trollestia difficulty just isin't high enough. I managed to finish it with about ten cutie marks floating around. Is there any chance that you could introduce a new difficulty? Something cruel, unfair, and evil.

    Well I'm done being demanding for now. Good work on making a really fun game, keep it up!

  17. The lack of difficulty is mostly due to my Touhou skill level being pretty lackluster (even moreso since I haven't played touhou in years). It is also due to the style of the game is not quite exactly a bullethell shooter. The bullets move a bit faster and the sprite visuals dont always have clear outlines due to aesthetic purposes.

    given enough time (after Im done with all the features I wanna add), I could make an additional difficulty, probably doubling the bullets or something, but I would not put any effort into balancing it due to the fact that I cant test it due to my skill level.

  18. Don't worry about balance, I can either help you with that or give suggestions in post. Actually, speaking of suggestions in post, in pony difficulty the banshees' rockets don't home and do spread out with distance, meaning that you can sit still and graze heaps of free points. I just think that it seems more appropriate for filly (which does have slightly homing rockets) or derpy.

    Keep strong, you're making a great game!

  19. Hi guys! I just wanna report some problems. Specifically with window size issues with the fullscreen game.

    Before anything else, I just want to request that whoever reads this doesn't doubt my skill level; I know what I'm talking about here.

    First, this is a screenshot from my PC: 1366x768. See that black bar at the right of the play area? At first I thought that wouldn't be really a problem, but I noticed eventually that SOME OF THE HITBOXES OF THE BULLETS DON'T ACTUALLY FOLLOW THE HORIZONTAL PLANE PROPERLY. It's probably a graphical error for the most part instead of a hitbox disparity error, as will be pointed out in my second example:

    this one is taken from my netbook: 1024x600 res. This time the vertical area is derped. In fact it's so derped that IN GAME SOME PATTERNS ACTUALLY LOOK UNDODGEABLE.
    Oh and if I try to select my ponies, I need to actually hover in the area ABOVE the cutie mark signs. As if that wasn't bad enough, in order to select difficulty I actually need to select BELOW the difficulty bubbles. And yeah the patterns in Pony Mode suddenly become undodgeable. (don't diss me for sucking; I've finished 3 Lunatics before :| ) The most obvious part is during those Terran things that shoot bubbles; they appear in 2 simultaneously; on my PC I can actually dodge those, but here on my netbook it actually creates a wall most of the time. Aside from that the hitbox-graphic incosistency error is also now on the vertical spectrum instead of the horizontal one.

    Hoping you could address this problem as soon as possible.

  20. just passing by to tell you man, that i realy enjoyed the game, the bosses were awesome :D

    though i can barely play in derpy mode....

  21. Oh hey this thing has a new version!

    I remember you once asked for help writing lines and story, and I'd still love to help you if you actually give a damn.

    Super looking forward to this. Your work is awesome.

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  23. What the hay is wrong with those ponies? Those look nothing like ponies at all!!

  24. UPSIDE DOWN PONY ɟɟnʇs ɹnoʎ ǝʌoן ı

  25. Hmm, can I comment on some stuff here? I'd say that this is looking pretty good, but there are a few things I'd like to note: Even though if you look at most patterns as a whole, they feel like "patterns" but as you're up close and dodging as the actual player it feels like "shitstorming", aka random-bullets-errwher. That's what I got from the Trixie fight as well as the Terran fight. Those are the two fights where it'd be the least appropriate. Trixie's magic I can understand where you're coming from, but perhaps you can try to add/change some of her current attack patterns to match Trixie more. Currently, it just feels like she's shoving a ton of bullets at you, where you could go along the theme of "Incredibly flashy but actually quite simple (but not to say easy)" Such as two large spirals of bullets radiating from trixie in the center of the screen, one clockwise, one counter clockwise. It looks impressive but has a set path you can dodge through if you are skilled enough, similar to her attack with the zig-zagging red orbs.

    Derpy I think can fit as she is right now, seeing as she's derpy, her attacks SHOULD be random and hard to predict/dodge. However, it might add a bit to the fight if you added some way to "lead" the furniture so it gets thrown wherever you are at the moment it's thrown, then get out of the way so that the explosions are more focused. That would allow you to choose to deal with either a spread of all the bullets across the screen, or have all the furniture land in one spot and have a wall to deal with.

    The Zecora fight I think is actually the most well done of all of them, as the design for the bullets is pretty freaking awesome. The only thing that bugged me was the Poison Joke. Not that it's a bad gimmick or anything, but it felt like there wasn't enough time to react to dodge it. It also sort of acted like a shield against it's own projectiles, and few things ended up hitting me while I was actually captured within the flower. Perhaps spawning the flowers and having them wait a moment at the edge of the screen could get rid of a few problems?

    One last thing: The player/bullet hitboxes seem a little wierd. I keep getting hit when I feel like I shouldn't be, so perhaps shrink the player hitboxes more and increase the graphic(but not the hitbox) of the "bullets". Small orbs should be as they are, but I think the large orbs could do with a graphic increase so that the hitbox is only hit when you get to the clear part.

    I've played a lot of Touhou and other bullet hells, just giving my $0.02 to what would make the game feel a lot better :P

  26. P.S.: Twilight is OP, Pinkie Pie and Applejack are strong on their own and can handle themselves, Fluttershy is only good for super defensive play (Which would be viable if there were more pattern based attacks, but with all the shitstorming type attacks, it's best just to Twi-bomb everything), and Rarity might as well be the "Oh god, I picked up THAT upgrade (groan)".

    Because Rarity has magic, I'd think her attack would be more of a rapidfire homing attack that causes "Death by a Thousand Cuts", and her current attack style requires her to get up close and dirty, not exactly very "Rarity" if you ask me.

    Rainbow could deal with a horizontal upgrade, such as at 2/3 magic her rainbow beam splits into two arcs that are still /mostly/ straight forward, but there's an empty spot in the middle of her attacks which might look like ( ), and at full magic she gets a staight rainbow for the center, making her beam kind of look like (|). It'd still be condensed and whatnot, but it would give her a small bit of horizontal "leg-room" so to speak and would make her more viable.

    And about Twi-bombing? Just wait for enough bullets to come onscreen so that you have a full magic bar when you kill the boss phase and shoot a bomb right on top of them. It insta-kills them and fills your magic bar to full. Not only that, she also has access to the entire screen if she has access to anyone in front of her, making her essentially "Rainbow Dash x10". Rainbow would be more viable in her current state if she dealt a massive amount more damage, due to the lack of screen presence she has.

    The biggest thing is that there are two useless characters, Rainbow and Rarity, while there is a super over powered one, Twi, and three "ok" quality characters. AJ with full magic (which is super easy to get) easily outclasses Rainbow or Rarity, and same goes for Pinkie. Her damage can choose to be spread or focus, where Rainbow doesn't have nearly the level of damage output as Pinkie and hers is completely focused.

    If you were to take my advice on Rarity and Rainbow, they'd be put in the "ok" category, but they all still lack in the boss killing department, where Twi can instantly destroy /ANY/ of the bosses.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

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