Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dear Princess Celestia...

Still working on some ideas for Zecora. It's going alright but slow...

so in the meantime....

 Here is Twilight reading off what she learned about Heresy to Princess Celestia


  1. Haha, that looks awesome :).

  2. Your work is very under-appreciated. I've been waiting on your next update for quite some time and I wish you the very best of luck!

    Also, in case you never did get any help with writing dialogue, I'd be interested in that. Email me at masquerade808@gmail.com.

    I haven't done much but if you want confirmation that I can write, go find me on fimfiction. I'm Tactical!rainboom.

  3. I would like to help you, im a Community Manager and Social Media student, And a videogames lover, please contact me
    if you want my help: sartormc@gmail.com

    Im waiting for the next update too!

  4. You alright, dude?

  5. cyxeven: Thanks for the concern. I've just been tied up with work and getting ready to apply for my Master's degree. I know, excuses, excuses. I pretty much have enemies all created and a design in my head for the level, I just need to sit down and program some spawn patterns. I realized its been almost a year since the last release. I'm hoping to get something out soon. Sometimes I wish I had employees lol.