Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's Nightmare Moon


After finishing Derpy, I needed to celebrate.

So here is what Nightmare Moon would look like if she was a Chaos Grey Knight Terminator

Derpy took this picture with a paper bag.

Images after the post break, because Blogger does weird things to my page

Also, artwork for Trixie is done and code soon to follow


  1. Loving the game so far ^.^ one suggestion though, the bounding box for when shift is held really should be fixed to where the dot is, for some reason it's still possible to get hit else where, also the symbol appearing over your char every time you get hit makes it really hard to stay alive as it overs over the dot and oncoming bullets making it hard to perform delicate moves

  2. It turns out that Nightmare Moon would look like awesome if she was a Chaos Grey Knight Terminator! Nice job there.

  3. @G.Rieke: Valid point. I don't know why I have never heard this complaint before..

    @John:" Thanks!!!

    Trixie is probably gonna make her Great and Powerful Appearance this weekend.

  4. Sorry, I lied. Bunch of stuff came up that no one notified me until the last minute. Hopefully Trixie with slink in tardy.