Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Release v1.5.0

Latest build: Fullscreen Windowed

There is now dialogue and some background story. I'm not really a good writer, but the skeleton is there and each pony shows her own personality (especially pinkie pie). The dialogue portraits look kind of wierd because I pretty much drew them with a mouse in Photoshop and I'm not too great of an artist. It took forever.

I would love to get suggestions, advice for the dialogue. Heck I would love it if someone wanted to provide whole conversations to replace mine.

This part was hard for me. It's really out of my element so it was hard to stay focused, and it definitely needs some fleshing out, but for now, on to the Corrupted Equestria level!


  1. I haven't seen all dialogues, but those which I've seen so far are good :). I can't wait for the Corrupted Equestria level!

  2. If you really want to go for that shmuppy feeling you ought to incorporate some of that traditionally hilarious Engrish in the dialog. Although Twilight saying someone stole Equistria out of nowhere was a hilarious mental image.

    I didn't think the portraits were that bad, they had some charm to them. The healthbar goes on top of the images though, which kind of looks weird.

    I noticed you took the advice of the cutiemarks only hovering higher on the screen. Making them harder to get also increases the risk/reward which is a good thing. Although one other thing that might improve them is to make them flash a bit before they change like the UFOs in Touhou 12 do to avoid general frustration of accidentally picking the wrong pony.

    Regarding difficulty and trollestia. I noticed you said you were afraid people would complain about it being too difficult. You can't complain about that as the highest difficulty is the highest difficulty for a reason. If it's too hard for people, that's what the lower difficulties are for. I would suggest that you can just go nuts with trollestia really, as it's still too easy as of now.

  3. First off, great job so far. It is really coming along. Also, I second Jaimers' comment on making the cutiemarks flash before changing. It can be rather irritating when you dive for one, only to have it switch at the last second.

    Speaking of cutiemarks, I discovered a really odd bug relating to them. Kinda hard to duplicate though. I found if I passed really close to one, just barely missing it, it would do two things:
    1) It would stop following its usual rebounding path and follow me. If I moved to the lower half of the screen, it would go as low as it could before it hit its invisible wall. Even then, it would stay at the wall right in front of me as I moved back and forth.
    2) It would not change. Whichever cutiemark was active when the bug engaged would remain while any other cutiemarks would continue the cycle.

    I only stumbled on it 3 times. Each time it was while playing Rarity on Trollestia difficulty. It occurred in stages 2 and 3. I kind of doubt it is character or stage dependent, however.


  4. @Damon Anakaris:

    Haha I know exactly why it'd doing that. Cutie marks change their movement pattern when you get near them (this is to simulate you sucking them in like a magnet). when the movement pattern changes, the cutie mark does not cycle any more due to the aforementioned frustrations.

    In the latest release, I altered a line of code to consider them "out of bounds" when they reached half the screen instead of the bottom.

    That is why they get stuck when you get near them and then back up.

    Thanks for catching that. It's an easy fix

  5. I posted a LP of this on Pony Mode with Twilight Sparkle. Enjoy!