Sunday, July 31, 2011


Latest Build: Fullscreen Only Today

Filly Mode video provided by supermark, a french e-famous guy!

So between my new work and life issues, I really have been too busy/tired/toogladtobealive to be able to spend too much time working on this. I've added some new enemies that are going to make playthroughs much more interesting. Backgrounds and Music have been updated too! Tell me what you think!

In the next release, I plan on adding more story (complete with touhou-esque dialogue) which will make way for a new level against the Hybrids and a following level that may include a battle with Trollestia herself!

but for now, here are this release's updates. The list seems small, but hopefully, it feels much bigger than that.

-BUFFED Twilight (Z shoots faster and pattern is different)
-Overhauled Terrain
-Added ground units
-Twilight's attack now looks less "weak"
-Bullets for Battlecruisers, Science Vessels are bigger


  1. I decided to try and beat trollestria mode and i used the word try because i fail at this game but noticed one glitch that seemed to have been my down fall most of the time. I wanted to use Twilight since she is the character who seemed to have had the most changes since the game started but noticed one thing with her bouncing magic. It will prioritize the medivacs and other ships that drop the cutie mark. Now that's not a problem but what i did notice was that if your attacking a group of enemies and the ship is about to come out the shot will bounce in the direction it is suppose to come out of and kill it but since its off screen the cutie mark never appears. Against the battle ship is was annoying when the 3 ships come out and i shot them all while trying to avoid the laser attack and didn't get any of the power ups to come out. Other than that i love how Twilight plays now.

  2. Hey. I just wanted to tell you that this game is AWESOME. I may post my playthrough later (when I manage to beat it on at least penultimate difficulty level :D).

  3. Ooh, I like this update. Twilight's now actually decent, very good offensively, even if her bomb still baffles me as to how it could ever possibly be useful. And of course the graphical update and music is great.

    Character-wise I think everything's pretty good except Twilight's bomb and Pinkie's normal shot (maybe make it go up to six shots with max magic; her spread is really awkward and low-damaging though the focused shot is decent.) Sonic Rainboom is still gamebreaking (completely ignore all large bursts on the latter two bosses by Dashing to the top, attack during lulls) but maybe you just want to leave in a crutch character for less experienced players.

    The addition of Vultures in the Terran stage makes the bullet patterns a lot more interesting for sure, especially since you combined them with other bullets. Hydras in the Zerg stage kind of do, but the muta tweak to make the shots not so trivial to dodge does more. (Also hydras feed you ridiculous amounts of magic through graze, is that intentional?) I like the immortal (dragoon? Looks more like immortals) shot pattern as well. Although the vulture and immortal both greatly suffer from not really being able to land more than one hit, what with the HP system.

    Thank you so much for rebalancing phoenixes, as I can now actually dodge horizontally between lasers as they turn with some reliability. The shot changes to the BC and vessels are... well they are good but as a Touhou vet I automatically see those bullets as having much smaller hitboxes. (In those games only the darkest part of the center is solid.)

    Also, is it my imagination or did you rebalance the carrier to be slightly more difficult?

    Anyway at this point I just want more levels more than anything ^^; The game is just fun. If you couldn't make more, I wish that the damage system was rebalanced a little; the fact that only rapid-fire shots will do serious damage means I just instinctively ignore a lot of the otherwise well-placed bullets you just added in. Trollestia is still far easier than a Touhou game on Easy even though the bullet patters are often a fair bit harder to dodge, just for that one reason (maybe boss health should also scale up a little more with difficulty as well).

  4. @LupusAlbus:

    Glad to hear more from you again. Im trying to figure out what I want to do with Twilight's bomb. She is meant to be a boss killer and her bomb is supposed to represent the "raw uncontrolled power" she had as a filly. Its main use is to nuke a boss by aiming and timing it to detonate directly on top of a boss while a lot of bullets are on the screen. This will take down over a health bar of the boss and your magic will be mostly regenerated when the bullets turn into magic.

    I might also make Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom cost more and move faster, making it more difficult to use.

    I was trying to make the hydras shoot a tight fan of bullets (there are 5 bullets per shot on Trollestia) and I never thought about the ridiculous graze you'd get from it. I'm also thinking about making some Immortals that can warp in.

    I also kind of winged it on the hitboxes of the big bullets. I was never good at touhou (EASY MODO? KIMOIIII) and always stayed as far as I could from bullets. I will continuously tweak the hitboxes.

    I made first bullets that the carrier shoots slow down before speeding up (it was the reverse order before). I did this because I wanted the secondary immortal shots to do this (and I'm recycling bullets to save development time since I dont get much of that anymore.. )

    The damage system is kind of annoying for me. It seems like you either get tiny hits that dont matter and go away once you get a cutie mark, or you screw up and get hit for 80+% of your health and are screwed. I'm kinda reluctant to give multiple lives because I like having the "Friendship and Magic" bars.

  5. Hmm, yeah I didn't consider the bullet-to-magic bonus with Twilight's nuke. I'll watch it more, as with the rebalanced phoenixes and her improved shot I'm able to bring her through the whole game now. It's only Pinkie Pie that I can't get through with as she can't kill stuff unless she focuses. Fluttershy is tricky because her bullets don't penetrate enemies but the coverage of her unfocused shot somewhat makes up for it.

    Sonic Rainboom could possibly be rebalanced by having a fixed start-up cost on top of the gradual drain. Similarly, damage taken could start out higher but decrease a bit as you take hits in rapid succession.

  6. I actually had something like that mostly implemented for abilities, but I never put it into action. I'll probably do it for Rainbow Dash. I had originally planned to only allow teleport when your magic is completely full, I might actually implement that too.

    also BRILLIANT idea for the damage system. this will also make you drop your powerups more quickly which will add the much needed difficulty across all levels

  7. I think most of the appeal of touhou games comes from the personalities the characters and even the bullet patterns have (the boss special attacks are basically entities in themselves with a certain look and "beauty" and specific way of defeating that attack). It's kind of hard for a battlecruiser to have a personality, so it's interesting that you're making trollestia a boss finally. Also, some boss music at the actual bosses would be interesting :P (maybe I can do something about that)

  8. @Anthony:yeah Im still learning on how to do this. since I built the bullet management completely from scratch, I dont have an engine or experience to make danmaku as awesome as touhou. All my bullets either home onto you or go straight.bullets with different curving patterns require probably a lot of math behind them. most of my curving bullets dont look right. It's something Im working on. Hopefully, I'll be able to pull it off.

    And Im basically grabbing music from youtube with permission of the artists. when I get more music and when I implement the dialogue system, Ill be switching up music at boss battles. Assuming you are who I think you are, Thanks for what you have provided me so far.

  9. Hey i cant seem to get it working i have both programs need to run it, but everytime i open it it just closes, do you know how to gt it working?